Integrity. Flexibility. Creativity.

Our mission is to deliver the best service and best solutions possible. The difference is in our people. Fuller Group’s core values manifest themselves through the exceptional people who comprise our company culture. By exercising the highest standards of ethical conduct and professionalism, we maintain lasting relationships with our employees and clients. Our passion for the betterment of our profession, our society, and the built environment drives our commitment to providing extraordinary service through honesty and respect.

Unique abilities influence flexibility. Clients rely on Fuller Group’s capabilities to adapt to specific project parameters and develop accurate, technically sound solutions for all structural, architectural, and material aspects of new and existing buildings. No matter how large, or how small, each project faces a unique problem. Through an intimate process of listening to our clients’ needs and goals, delineating options, and developing cognitive solutions, our expert, interdisciplinary team ultimately delivers a product with high value.

We are a place where creativity thrives. Challenging, technical questions necessitate ingenuity and looking beyond the obvious. Maximizing efficiency through the use of the latest technological resources, along with our extensive experience with material systems, components, and applications allows us to make lasting contributions to each project. We seek practical, innovative solutions by working collaboratively and applying the collective expertise of a uniquely qualified team of professionals with diverse project portfolios.

Nearly two decades after opening our doors as a one-man engineering consultancy, our core values of integrity, flexibility, and creativity continue to fuel our desire for exceptional service and providing the best solutions. We expect both our work and our people to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our Leadership

William T. Fuller, P.E.


Bill Fuller received his BS in Civil Engineering in 1983 and his MS in Civil Engineering in 1987. Mr. Fuller became a registered professional engineer in 1987 and moved to Greenville, SC to join CRSS.

In addition to working on numerous industrial projects, Mr. Fuller received training in PDS 3D software and helped the company’s structural department implement this new technology. He subsequently produced major 3D design projects for Philip Morris in Charlotte, NC, and Scott Paper in Owensboro, KY. In 1993, Mr. Fuller joined Cary Engineering where his design emphasis was on commercial and industrial projects. He started Fuller Group, LLC as Fuller Consulting Engineers, Inc. (FCE) in 1997. FCE was created to provide structural engineering services to those in the building design industry. The business has grown to provide services in 48 states and in 2019, FCE rebranded to become Fuller Group, LLC.

As a design professional for 38 years and as an owner of an engineering company for the last 24 years, Mr. Fuller has been responsible for the design of over 30 million square feet (3,000 building structures). His design experience has enabled him to gain extensive experience in most building types including mixed-use, office, healthcare, educational, multi-family, retail, industrial, and residential. Mr. Fuller has knowledge of all common building construction materials including steel, concrete, metal, masonry, and wood. His career has allowed him to observe hundreds of these buildings during the construction phase of the projects.

Along with running a successful practice, Mr. Fuller takes an active role in project management and in the engineering of projects.

H. Ross Clements AIA, NCARB, CDT


Ross Clements is a registered architect with years of experience in a breadth of project types, including healthcare and retail projects, renovations to educational facilities, retail shopping centers, multi-unit townhomes and apartment projects. Additionally, Mr. Clements has produced construction documents and provided construction administration services.

In forensics, Mr. Clements has provided expert witness services, property condition assessments, roof consulting, deficient construction reports, and building code reviews for a variety of commercial, multi-family, and residential buildings.

Prior to his leading the Envelope division of Fuller Group, Mr. Clements served as an architect at Construction Science and Engineering Inc. (2006-2011), and was also an intern architect at Batson Architects, Larry Woods and Associates, Spears Architects, and Agnew & Mifsud Architects. In addition to this experience, Mr. Clements has attended numerous building envelope, code analysis, and accessibility seminars.


  • Construction Litigation Support
  • Premises Liability Support
  • Building Envelope Consulting
  • Property Condition Assessments
  • Roof Consulting
  • ADA and FHAA Accessibility
  • Building Repair Design and Construction Administration

Lucas G. Young, P.E., S.E.


Lucas Young is a graduate of Clemson University where he received his BS and MS in Civil Engineering as well as a minor in Business Administration. While at school, Mr. Young worked for the Civil Engineering department as a lab instructor for a sophomore-level civil engineering course, and as a Research Assistant at the Clemson University Wind Load Test Facility.

In the summer of 2008, Mr. Young joined Fuller Group, LLC while completing his Master’s degree at Clemson. As a design professional, Mr. Young has been responsible for the design of over 3 million square feet (multiple structures) in various states. His design experience has enabled him to gain extensive experience in most building types across many sectors including mixed-use, multi-family, office, retail, healthcare, industrial, military training facilities, and residential. Mr. Young has knowledge of all common building construction materials including steel, concrete, metal, masonry, and wood. He is also proficient in lateral design requirements including seismic and wind analysis conforming to the latest IBC and ASCE building codes.

In addition to building design and construction observations, Mr. Young has provided structural investigations, building code analysis, engineering repair recommendations for building structures and served as an expert witness for construction litigation. These investigations have included commercial and industrial buildings and residential homes.


  • South Carolina Society of Professional Engineers –
    2020 Young Engineer of the Year
  • Boy Scouts of America – Eagle Scout

Dean Gunter, PE


Dean Gunter is a graduate of Clemson University and Lander University where he received his BS in Civil Engineering and BS in Mathematics in 2006. While in school, Mr. Gunter worked for the Civil Engineering Department as a building and testing assistant at the Clemson University Wind Load Test Facility. Following graduation, Mr. Gunter joined Fuller Group in 2006 as an EIT and since been recognized as a Model Law Professional Engineer by NCEES. He currently maintains active licenses within 25 states.

Since joining Fuller Group, Mr. Gunter has gained extensive experience with new and existing retail, industrial, and commercial projects throughout the country. He has managed hundreds of projects from conception to completion and currently heads the retail division. He has knowledge of many building construction materials, such as steel, cold form, concrete (including tilt-wall construction), masonry, and wood. Multi-state practice has allowed Mr. Gunter to become an expert in lateral design systems for high wind and seismic regions utilizing the latest building codes.

Mr. Gunter became an Associate in 2013 and Principal in 2021. His strong analytical skills, attention to detail and “can-do” attitude enables him to work closely with clients to develop long-term relationships and ensure their building programs are a success.

Mark Hudson, P.E., S.E.


Mark Hudson is a graduate of Clemson University where he received his BS in Civil Engineering in 2007. After graduation, he worked as an EIT before making the decision to further his education at North Carolina State University. In 2011, he received his Master’s in Engineering and has been recognized as a Model Law Structural Engineer by NCEES. He currently maintains active licensures within 17 states.

In 2014, Mr. Hudson joined Fuller Group and was promoted to principal in 2021. His main responsibilities have included overseeing projects and guiding other EIT’s and staff engineers. He enjoys working closely with the design team through BIM (Revit) models and using it as a tool for collaboration. While naturally driven by technical details, he is able to find practical solutions to architectural and construction challenges.

Mr. Hudson’s design experience has enabled him to gain extensive experience in most building types including ground-up industrial plants, manufacturing additions, heavy machinery supports, educational, sports facilities, commercial, retail, churches, and mixed-use developments.