With our extensive knowledge of design and construction-related issues, Fuller offers independent, third-party building envelope peer review services for building owners, contractors, architects, and engineers.  As design documents progress, we provide technical guidance and recommendations on design intent, complex detail development, and building material integrations. Once construction commences, Fuller is available to perform site visits related to the proper execution of the design details.

Fuller can provide peer review as a standalone contribution or as part of an integrated design process, assisting the project team with an emphasis on the serviceability and long-term performance of the building components. We bring value to the success of a project by working closely with the client through the project’s life-cycle to secure a high level of confidence and quality control in the execution of the design and construction.

Collegiate Student Housing

Clemson, SC

  • 4 multi-story buildings with commercial and residential spaces
  • 1 multi-story parking garage with residential units
  • 400,000 square feet of conditioned space
  • Concrete and wood-framed construction
  • Masonry veneer, horizontal and vertical siding, composite panels, storefront windows

Fuller Group was retained by the Architect-of-Record (AOR) to provide design consulting services for the moisture control of the building envelope. Services provided by Fuller during the design phase consisted of a review of Permit and Pricing drawings, focusing on elements and details related to the exterior enclosure of all five buildings. The peer review included comparison of drawings with building code requirements and industry standards, as well as coordination with manufacturers’ instructions. We provided a summary report and comments on drawings, outlining recommended improvements to the detailing of the building envelope, including:

  • Exterior claddings and material integration/termination
  • Fenestrations
  • Weather-resistive barriers
  • Flashings
  • Waterproofing and drainage
  • Roof assembly
  • Sealants

Fuller was also retained to perform site visits during construction of the project and provide written summaries discussing our observations and recommendations regarding the exterior envelope. Construction began in summer of 2016, with services we provided including mock-up review, attending owner/contractor meetings, and recommendations regarding revisions to details. Fuller provided building envelope peer review services as requested by the AOR during the construction phase, including site observations and design consulting.